Ecostacker Plastic Container

Ecostacker 25 litre
from Carrick Packaging

Ecostacker Plastic Container25 litre Ecostacker containers are available in a range of weights but are supplied in standard specification at 950 +/- 25 grammes and in heavy duty specification at 1200 +/- 25 grammes.

Ecostacker drums are the most technically advanced large volume plastic containers available and incorporate innovative design and manufacturing methods which results in a range of containers that offer unrivalled performance and value.

Ecostacker can be supplied with:
UN approval for the transportation of dangerous goods.
A wide range of pigments to suit individual requirements.
View stripe and graduations.
The Safepour® anti-glug system .

Technical Details
Manufactured from: High Molecular High Density Polyethylene
Brimful volume: 26,260 +/- 50ml
Neck diameter: Thread OD – 60mm
Caps: 60mm Tamper Evident and 60mm Vented Tamper Evident
Capping torque: 6 – 11 Nm

Decoration and Labelling
Label area: 2 panels of 285mm high x 190mm wide
Sleeve area: 285mm high x 970mm circumference

Packing Configuration
Method: Palletised and stretch wrapped
Pallet size: 1000mm x 1200mm x 1576 high single stack, 3152mm high double stack
No. per pallet: 18 per layer, 54 per single stack, 108 per double stack
No. per full load: 2,754 with closures, 2,808 without closures

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Ecostacker Plastic Container
Ecostacker Plastic Container
Ecostacker Plastic Container